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        1. Shi Bi Qi

          It integrates the characteristics of organic fertilizer and the high efficiency of controlled-release fertilizer; slow-release controlled-release, balanced nutrition; improve the plant's ability to absorb various nutrients; can adjust and improve plant physiological functions; can promote the reproduction of beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

          Ammonium nitrate / sodium nitrate / sodium nitrite: 023-74588652

          Six hydroxymethyl melamine / amino resin / formaldehyde: 023-72710026

          Melamine: 023-72593373

          Vehicle urea: 023-72598888

          Nitro compound fertilizer: 023-74588888

          Fluorine chemical products: 023-72591919

          New type of synergistic urea: 023-72598888


          Product information>>

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