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        1. Convening the 97th anniversary party and the founding of excellence Conference

          Release Time: 2018-10-13

          On June 28, Jianfeng Group commemorated the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Party and held a Congress of summing up and commending the pioneers for excellence in the sixth floor of Xincun. The meeting commended the advanced collectives and individuals of the Party for "striving for excellence in the first place" in the year of 2017-2018, and watched a special film summarizing the work of Party building.

          Mission is the goal, the beginning is the direction. Party committees of Jianfeng Group have always kept in mind their mission and original intention, devoted themselves actively to the adjustment, reform, innovation and development of Jianfeng Group. Party organizations at all levels, under the call of the Party committees of Jianfeng Group, have actively attacked difficulties and won decisive battles and achieved good results.

          Zheng Wei, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group company made a concluding speech at the meeting. He encouraged us to keep in mind the glorious course of the Party, carry forward the fine tradition of the Party, continue to carry forward the spirit of hardship, hard work and enterprising in their respective work posts, work steadily and do real work, and use their exemplary role to guide more employees to integrate their ideas and will to complete the objectives and tasks in an all-round way. To strengthen the Party building in an all-round way, Secretary Zheng Wei stressed that first, we should strengthen the construction of grass-roots Party organizations, second, we should strengthen the management of cadres, and third, we should strengthen the publicity of political and ideological work. He hoped that Party organizations at all levels and the broad masses of Party members and cadres would further enhance their sense of mission and responsibility, strive to be the vanguard of the flag, let the flag fly in every front of the "reform, adjustment, innovation and development" of the group, and let the workers and the masses in the most needed areas, unite as one, make further efforts, pioneer and forge ahead, so as to realize the group. The goal of turning around the losses and getting rid of difficulties has made a greater contribution to the development of Jianfeng's new journey.

          Subsequently, Secretary Zheng Wei gave a special party lesson on the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party entitled "Implementing the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the Fifth Municipal Congress and Practically Building a Good Political Ecology for Peak Building".

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