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        1. Jianfeng group held a symposium on new and old party members

          Release Time: 2018-10-13

          n June 27th, Jianfeng group held a new Party member's swearing in ceremony and a forum of new and old party members. 34 new party members solemnly swear under the oath of retired veteran party member Wang Junxiang.

          At the symposium, Wang Junxiang, a retired veteran Party member, described his experience of joining the Party in simple language and vividly explained an old Party member's firm adherence to his ideals and beliefs. Party secretaries from secondary units also shared with new Party members at the meeting that as a Party member, one should maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party organization in thought, politics and action, not forget one's original intention, remember one's mission, and jointly take the oath as a true lifelong pursuit. Four representatives of the reserve Party members spoke, expressing their excitement of joining the Communist Party of China and their determination to dedicate their posts, compete for masters and strive to become successful. At the symposium, we look back at the past and look forward to the future with a simple and warm atmosphere.

          At the meeting, Gao Feng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Jianfeng Group, analyzed the opportunities and situations facing the new and old Party members. He hoped that the new Party members should be politically mature, obey higher-level arrangements, obey organizational decisions, overcome difficulties, perform their duties conscientiously, be honest and self-disciplined in their respective posts, always remember the oath, and truly do their work. Play a vanguard and exemplary role of a party member.

          Gao Feng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Jianfeng Group, leaders of Party and masses departments, Secretary of Party organizations of secondary units and some activists joining the Party attended the symposium.

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