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        1. Jianfeng group leader group hangs on the party lecture

          Release Time: 2018-10-13

          In order to promote the rectification and reform of Party branches and strengthen the education of Party spirit of all Party members in Party branches, the leaders of Jianfeng Group attend Party classes in each secondary unit.

          7-20富总到弛源1.jpgOn July 20, Fu Weinian, deputy secretary and general manager of the Party Committee of Jianfeng Group, went to the Party branch of Chiyuan Chemical Public Works to give a lecture. This time, one person on the stage was changed to listen to the way the party class, but to adopt the way of on-site interaction. On the spot, deputy secretary Fu Wei year asked: How did the daily work of branch construction proceed? How does the role of Party members play? Where are the problems and difficulties in the construction of grass-roots party branches? The members of the party spoke in conjunction with their posts and their understanding of Party building work. "The work of the Party branch should be directional, focus on its work, help Party members and the masses to solve practical difficulties, let Party members feel the care and warmth of the Party organization, and let everyone see the future and hope!" The sincere words of deputy secretary Fu Wei year moved the party members here.

          Regarding the key problems tackled by the Party branch, Fu Weinian, Deputy Secretary of the Party branch, said that the establishment of the key problems tackled is a good idea. It can bring the backbone of Party members together, solve difficult problems and create benefits, and at the same time, it can rally the hearts of the people. Members of various branches should take the lead and Party members should rush forward. As long as everyone's enthusiasm is mobilized, there are no difficulties that can not be overcome...

          After two and a half hours of Party classes, we still have no idea, and said that "such an open interactive class is close to life, linked to reality, each party member can participate in, set up a grass-roots party members and superior leadership communication, communication between the'bridge', the actual role is more obvious than the traditional way more effective."

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