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        1. Jianfeng group to carry out staff appraisal in 2018

          Release Time: 2018-10-13

          In order to strengthen democratic management and supervision, and promote the construction of enterprise leadership, in late July, the group company concentrated on the work of democratic appraisal and supervision of staff and workers (representatives) in 2018.

          The object of this review is group middle managers. Every unit holds a staff and workers (representatives) meeting on schedule according to the requirement. The staff and workers (representatives) report to the staff and workers (representatives) of the unit their work achievements in the past six months. The staff and workers (representatives) evaluate the staff and workers in the said office by filling in the evaluation form anonymously, with the emphasis on Comprehensive evaluation from the aspects of moral integrity, honesty and satisfaction.

          The supervisory group of democratic appraisal of staff and workers (representatives) of the group company attended the meeting to supervise the whole process of appraisal of grass-roots units. The opinions of the cadres of democratic appraisal of staff and workers (representatives) were sorted out and analyzed comprehensively, and the appraisal report was submitted to the Party Committee of the group to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the appraisal.

          This evaluation is also one of the important contents of "looking back" on half a year's performance of the group's middle-level managers in 2018.

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