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        1. The Party committee carries out centralized rectification of cadres' work style and work style.

          Release Time: 2018-10-13

          On May 6, Jianfeng Group Co., Ltd. and the Party Committee of the Group jointly issued the "Program for the Centralized Rectification of the Cadres'Style and the Organs' Style" of Chongqing Jianfeng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and arranged the work of the centralized rectification of the construction of the style. According to the work plan, the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the General Assembly of Xi Jinping on May 6th, Jianfeng Group Co., Ltd. and the Party Committee of the Group jointly issued the "Chongqing Jianfeng Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Cadres'Style and Organs' Style Concentrated Rectification Activity Plan", which arranged the work style construction. According to the work plan, this time, under the guidance of the spirit of the important speeches made by the 19th National Congress of the Party and General Secretary Xi Jinping on the construction of style of work, we will conscientiously implement the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee and the requirements of the "Four Styles" in a firm manner, observe discipline and strictly implement them. We will do everything by looking at attitude, actions and results. To solve the outstanding problems of all cadres, such as "weak, loose, mediocre, slow, lazy, lazy, pushing, extravagant" and "cold, horizontal, hard, slow and procrastinating" in various departments of the Ministry.

          The focus of this centralized rectification of cadre style and organ style is all middle-level managers and departments of Jianfeng Group. In order to effectively promote the centralized rectification activities, the Party Committee of the Group issued 100 negative lists, including the "Negative List of Spirits for Party Members and Cadres of Jianfeng Group in Implementing the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee", "Negative List of Cadres'Style Construction" and "Negative List of Organizational Style Construction". Five supervision groups were set up to carry out the work respectively. To supervise and inspect the prominent problems existing in work discipline, ideological style and study style, life style and work style of government organs, and to listen extensively to the opinions and suggestions of the masses by setting up complaint telephone and mailbox, holding symposiums, questionnaires, letters, visits, satisfaction evaluation and other forms.

          The Party Committee of Jianfeng Group requests that the work of style construction and rectification should not be carried out in a gust, and that we should continue to pay close attention to the actual situation, never tolerate the outstanding problems and resolutely pursue responsibility. The broad masses of staff and workers should actively participate in the construction and consolidation of the work style, strengthen the overall quality of the group cadres and the service level of departments with the changing work style, and provide a strong guarantee for the overall turning loss into profit and transformation and development of the group company.

          Guided by the spirit of the Secretary's important speeches on style building, he earnestly implements the Eight Provisions of the Central Committee and severely brakes the requirements of the Four Styles.

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