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        1. Jianfeng Chemical inspection project competition successfully concluded

          Release Time: 2018-10-13

          On July 1, on the 97th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Chemistry Laboratory Project Competition of the Youth Professional Skills Competition of Jianfeng Group, sponsored by the Youth League Committee of Jianfeng Group and sponsored by the Youth League Committee of Chemical Fertilizer Company, was successfully concluded. Jianfeng Youth presented a gift to the Party with practical actions.

          At 8:30 a.m. on July 1, 18 finalists from Chemical Fertilizer Company, Chiyuan Chemical Industry, New Fluorine Chemical Industry and Fuyuan Chemical Industry gathered in the analysis room of the quality inspection section of Chemical Fertilizer Company. As the contestants drew lots and the referees clarified the rules of operation, a silent battlefield of smoke and gunpowder was officially opened. The final consists of titration analysis and instrumental analysis, accounting for 70% of the total score. After a day's competition, Liu Juan of Chiyuan Chemical Industry won the first prize, Fan Guirong and Luoyuan of Chemical Fertilizer Company won the second prize, and Kangpeng of Chiyuan Chemical Industry, Luo Lunfang and Zhou Ting of New Fluorine Chemical Industry won the third prize.

          All along, the Youth League Committee of Jianfeng Group attaches great importance to the project of improving the quality of young employees, and guides and encourages the broad masses of employees to carry out activities such as mentors and apprentices, post training, skill contest, etc. in order to carry out all kinds of skills contest for young workers as a grasp, and promote the rapid growth of the Youth League. The competition provides a platform for the staff engaged in chemical inspection of the Complete Works Group to strengthen their technical quality, enhance their professional skills, and exchange opportunities with colleagues. It is of positive significance to carry forward the spirit of model workers and craftsmen.

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