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        1. Jianfeng employee Wang Haifeng help the accident patients without hesitation

          Release Time: 2018-10-13

          At about 10:00 on June 30, Wang Haifeng, an employee of Qiyuan Chemical Instrument and Electrical Engineering Department of Jianfeng Group, was driving along the road from Baitao to Fuling. When he was driving near Sanmenzi Speed Measuring Point, he suddenly saw a puff of smoke and dust rising in front of him. Sharp brake sounds and loud impact sounds came along with him - "No, it must happen in front of us." He was in a hurry and stopped the car in the safe area to get out of the car accident. The scene of the accident was very tragic. Two big cars collided. One of them had a serious deformity in the front and the driver was trapped in the cab. Seeing this, he did not hesitate to climb up the car to see that the driver had been injured and bleeding. He realized that if he could not stop bleeding in time, the consequences would be very serious, so he returned to the car to take out a towel, help the injured to hold the wound, the injured consciousness is still clear, while appeasing the injured, while calling the police, while asking the injured family and the unit's telephone, timely contact with the driver's family and unit. Not long after, the traffic police, firefighters rushed, he was ready to drive away, when he felt pain, the original rescue process in the arms, legs have some scratches, just focused on rescuing people did not notice.

          Comrade Wang Haifeng's act of saving people is not accidental. As the monitor of the first class in the inspection and repair work of the Ministry of Instrument and Electricity Engineering, he is active, methodical and capable. He still leads the team members to complete the maintenance task of acetylene plant with high quality and quantity under the circumstances of tense hands and heavy tasks. He usually lives simple, helpful, cheerful personality, while strict with their own requirements, colleagues have a high evaluation, by leading colleagues like.

          Wang Haifeng carried forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation with his own practical actions, advocated the new style of social civilization, practiced the core values of socialism, displayed the noble character and the style of the times of the contemporary youth, also displayed the spiritual outlook of Jianfeng staff, and highlighted the "leading a harmonious and beautiful life, guarding the health and beauty" of the chemical medicine group. The mission of Li life. He deserves our learning.

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