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        1. Introduction of potassium nitrate installation

          Release Time: 2018-10-13

          Introduction of equipment

          The annual output of potassium nitrate plant is 20 thousand tons, which was put into use in 2004 and stopped in 2012. Handling: revitalize the target: choose the opportunity to resume production. Measures: after the company completes the ammonia oxygen enriched transformation, it will discuss the way of revitalize according to the market situation of potassium nitrate. Principal person in charge: Wei Zuosheng. Tel: 13908388679.

          1. Potassium nitrate dryer and package port.


          Packing ports for dried potassium nitrate and potassium nitrate products

          2. Vibratory fluidized bed dryer


          Principle of vibrating fluidized bed dryer: vibrating source produces exciting force to make potassium nitrate product jump forward under the given direction of vibrating force. At the same time, there is hot air at the bottom of the bed. The potassium nitrate product fully contacts with hot air, removes a large amount of moisture, and the wet air is drawn out by induced draft fan to dry the product.

          3. Potassium chloride dissolution tank.


          Dissolve Potassium Chloride Granules and store potassium chloride solution.

          4. Potassium nitrate thickener


          Thickening of potassium nitrate solution at the bottom, with potassium nitrate crystal slurry outlet at the bottom.

          5, I and II evaporator


          Remove the excess water from the potassium nitrate solution and concentrate the potassium nitrate solution.

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