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        1. Introduction of nitro compound fertilizer plant

          Release Time: 2018-10-13

          Introduction of equipment

          The annual output of compound fertilizer is 1 million 500 thousand tons per year. Disposition: recovery. It was put into operation in 2016 and suspended in 2017. Objective: to resume production at 2019.12 after renovation. Measures: in 2018, it completed the revamping of the technology reform group, and implemented the specific transformation in 2019. Responsible person: Wei Zuosheng. Tel: 13908388679.

          1, cooling drum


          Model: 2.4*24m 55KM cooling nitro compound fertilizer products through rotary drum.

          2. Finished bucket elevator.


          Nitro compound fertilizer products with higher transport temperature.

          3. Ammonium nitrate intermediate tank


          Storage of ammonium nitrate solution

          4. High rise elevator


          Transporting people and articles to the top level of nitrocompound fertilizer production area.

          5, production plant


          Production of nitro compound fertilizer plant.

          6. The corridor is a long distance belt conveyor.


          Transport packaged nitro compound fertilizer products to the storeroom.

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