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        1. Caring for the old revolutionary base area Jianfeng agrochemical service team into Fuling

          Release Time: 2018-10-16

          Recently, a series of activities of "caring for farmers and sending fertilizer to the countryside" co-sponsored by the Dashun Township government, Fuling District Committee of Jiusan Society and Jianfeng Group Chemical Fertilizer Company were carried out simultaneously in Dashun Township Government Culture Square and Dashun Street. The activities included helping the handicapped and poor to send fertilizer, promoting fertilizer products and planting techniques. On-site guidance, help for poor children, health knowledge lectures, Fuling District CPPCC, District Health Planning Commission, District Science and Technology Association, District Land Bureau and other units were invited to participate actively.


          At the scene of publicity and promotion of fertilizer products and on-the-spot guidance of planting techniques, crowds of people gathered, and the enthusiasm of the farmers who came by the news rose. They lined up to ask for various publicity materials and sample fertilizers for fertilizer construction. Some of them read the publicity materials carefully and consulted the staff from time to time. On the one hand, the staff handed out publicity materials and patiently explained the questions.


          At the ceremony of helping disabled and poor households to send fertilizer, the governor of Shen Xiang of Dashun Township Government emphasized that organizing and carrying out the activities of "caring for farmers and sending fertilizer to the countryside" in 2018 was to put the demands of the CPC Central Committee's poverty alleviation work into practice. The caring activities in Dashun Township were strongly responded and supported by Jianfeng Group. He pointed out that Dashun Township and Jianfeng Group have their own characteristics. The long-term good cooperative relationship, Jianfeng Group has been in our Township this year, Jianfeng Group agricultural technology knowledge training and fertilizer product promotion, experimental demonstration site construction, product promotion and other activities, has been actively supported by rural households. Today's action of "caring for farmers and sending fertilizer to the countryside" is to show the villagers the high quality, high efficiency and environmental protection agricultural products produced by Jianfeng Group. It is also to respond to the precise poverty alleviation actively promoted by our countryside with practical action. Shen Xiang-chang highly affirmed Jianfeng Group as a responsible enterprise. We should make every effort to endow the disabled poor households with love as their relatives. We should help the disabled poor families to get rid of poverty precisely and become well-off. It demonstrates the nineteen spirit of enterprise practice and the spirit of giving back to society and giving love. Enterprises warm the hearts of the disabled and poor people with broad love, help them to summon the courage of life, and establish confidence in poverty alleviation.

          Not only did the activities not only provide the poor farmers with fat but also send them warm, confidence and technological knowledge. The handicapped poor households and other peasant households who have received the fertilizer for poverty alleviation are all smiling with joy, watching them return with a full load, as if they are receiving not only the fertilizer for poverty alleviation, but also the hope for the coming year, as well as the care and support of the government and enterprises.

          At the same time, the event also played a positive role in promoting the brand of chemical fertilizer products of Jianfeng Group, highlighting Jianfeng Chemical's concern for agriculture, countryside and farmers, serving the countryside and taking on social responsibility. (agricultural and Chemical Services Department)

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